As a composer, Jack has created both solo and community based works.  His open approach to composition results in his work falling into a variety of different defined genres.  Heavily influenced by composers such as Trevor Wishart and Steve Reich, Jack’s compositions explore the use of sound ‘treatment,’ resulting in his works often taking the form of soundscapes or installations.  Below are some examples of his previous compositions:

Under Different Circumstances

This is an extract from a piece for solo prepared piano that I’m currently working on. The preparations include blue tac, rubbers and metal paper clips.

The Glory Of Steam

This community project involved working with the Sunderland Youth Orchestra to produce a short video accompanied by original score.  The Glory Of Steam works as a pun on the tradition of Classical music compositions based around the concept of trains.  Influences from Honeggers Pacific2-3-1 and Copland’s John Henry are drawn on in this arrangement written specifically for community orchestra and sequenced to film to create a piece of ‘journey music.’

The Last Bridge

One of two original pieces commissioned for the Gateshead Sage’s Sound 10 festival. Using sound sources recorded entirely on the Gateshead Millenium bridge, The Last Bridge explores the relationship associated with bridges and fear. In an attempt to reveal the ‘innerness’ of the recordings through sound manipulation software, a haunting backdrop was revealed. Beginning with over thirty different manipulations of a ringing sound to create a skeletal feel, the piece then progresses into a structure based on the shape of a humpback bridge, with particular illustration on the tension placed on the centre keystone.
The Last Bridge by jacklowemusic

Caging The Beast

Initially inspired by the imagery and daunting atmosphere created in the noval/movie Shutter Island, this piece explores the concept of confinement.   By confining himself to using only a double bass and old bird cage to produce sounds, the composer was forced to think creatively with the limited elements available to produce a spatially and timbrelly stimulating composition.   It begins with the aural illusion of being on board a vessel and then moves into a haunting sequence provided by the variety of sound colours produced by bowing the cage.  This piece was performed live at Sunderland University in May 2010.

Studio Audio Mix
Caging The Beast (Studio Mix) by jacklowemusic

The Majesty of Mutton

I put this little piece together after taking a short video on Hadrians Wall in Northumberland.  I think this one speaks for itself…